Jul 25

I Love This; This is My Life

On our last day on the Amalfi Coast, Dan and I concluded that we I had soaked up all the Italian sun our my skin could handle. Thus, we figured we'd do something totally ordinary (not) and hire a driver to take us to Tramonti for a day to visit Tenuta San Francesco's vineyard. Wanting to make the most of the day, we made stops in the towns of Amalfi and Ravello along the way before ultimately ending up at the serene vineyard in Tramonti. Upon our arrival at Tenuta San Francesco, the vineyard's … [Read more...]

Oct 17

Gorgonzola Goodness

Being that Dan travels Monday through Thursday every week, our weekends together are a time to be cherished and celebrated.  Thus, I sit down for an hour or so on Thursdays to plan out the meals I make for us each weekend.  The process of planning meals is usually more difficult and time-consuming for me than cooking them.  With thousands upon thousands of recipes to browse, I often find myself overwhelmed by the options.  One minute I'm set on a simple, veg-tastic salad and the next minute I'm … [Read more...]

Aug 25

Flights, Tiny Toast, and Cheese

Note: So, as the new trend in naming swanky places in Chicago appears to involve shortening and juxtaposition (e.g. RiNo, NoMi, etc), I'm going to go ahead and call Whole Foods off of North Ave "WhoFoNo" so that I can type 7 letters instead of 17.  Now onto the important stuff... Last Thursday was a wonderful day.  After a 7-week stint of not seeing each other (that is a really, really long time for us), my mom and I reunited for the afternoon.  We originally had grand plans of making it to … [Read more...]

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