Apr 13

Better and Faster Book Giveaway

Up until a year ago, I would never have described myself as a person with an entrepreneurial spirit. Other than being the daughter of a mother who has successfully run several of her own businesses and patented a mascara brush, my tie to entrepreneurship was essentially nonexistent. Often referred to as “quiet” and “shy” growing up, I decided a long time ago that I was probably better-suited for the following rather than the leading path. I doubted myself and preemptively excluded myself from … [Read more...]

Nov 26

16 Ways to Infuse Your Days with Gratitude

As we brim with anticipation for the Thanksgiving festivities of tomorrow on this ordinary Wednesday (at least according to our calendars), I've got to thinking about gratitude. Beyond our propensity to adhere to unspoken social rules and keep our moral barometers in balance (i.e., we should readily express gratitude because it's the right thing to do), why does gratitude matter and how does it affect our lives? Happiness is hard to define, but we can think about it as being influenced by … [Read more...]

Oct 11

Adventures in Juice Cleansing

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and did a juice cleanse. Release your judgments, good or bad, and indulge my perceived slip of sanity by reading a bit further. There has been so much buzz about juice cleanses over the past few years. Blue Print. Urban Remedy. The Master Cleanse. Cleanses are all the rage. I think some people engage in a juice cleanse to detox and hit the "reset" button, others likely do it because they hope to lose weight (you won't lose anything but water weight, by the way, … [Read more...]

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