Jan 09

New Year, Whole You

New Year, New You? How about "New Year, Whole You" instead? Rather than trading in my "old" self for a newer, fresher, resolution-enhanced version, I'm stepping toward wholeness (in mind, body, and spirit). If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then keep on reading. Below you'll find a list of my favorite resources + tips to foster a sense of wholeness, contentment, and well-being in the new year. Note: I have personally listened to, appreciated, used, read, purchased, or … [Read more...]

Nov 26

16 Ways to Infuse Your Days with Gratitude

As we brim with anticipation for the Thanksgiving festivities of tomorrow on this ordinary Wednesday (at least according to our calendars), I've got to thinking about gratitude. Beyond our propensity to adhere to unspoken social rules and keep our moral barometers in balance (i.e., we should readily express gratitude because it's the right thing to do), why does gratitude matter and how does it affect our lives? Happiness is hard to define, but we can think about it as being influenced by … [Read more...]

Jan 04

Dear Special K, What Will You Gain When You Stop Contradicting?

January. A time for resolutions, positive changes, and transformative behavior. A time to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The start of a new year brings with it a sense of relief as we are offered an opportunity to leave the previous year's mishaps, blunders, and off-the-wagon stumbles in our rearview mirrors. I make a conscious effort to avoid any resolutions that could potentially set me up for failure, guilt, or shame. Last year I vowed to floss more, and I probably improved my flossing … [Read more...]

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