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Aug 07

Baked Mozza Tots

Mozzarella Sticks + Tator Tots = Mozza tots. Something I daydreamed up mid 30-second stint of jumping lunges. Thanks, Jillian Michaels. There is something about that woman's incessant heartrate-raising workouts that makes me feel like I can eat whatever I please immediately after I'm done. Of course, I usually follow-up her workouts by first lying on the floor for 16-17 minutes before I even begin to consider the thought of moving again. For anyone who's questioned why I workout at home instead … [Read more...]

Aug 06

BBQ Cheddar Chickpea Burger

This burger is made of chickpeas and spice and everything nice. Everything nice being cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and crispy shallots. The inspiration for this burger came from a conversation at a bachelorette party with a newfound friend and fellow food-lover. She mentioned that, although not a vegetarian, she had a thing for vegetarian food blogs and just happened to bring up one (don't remember which) with a picture of a chickpea burger topped with barbecue sauce. Now, I'm no poser but I … [Read more...]

Aug 02

When in Rome… Get Yourself to Trattoria Monti

What do you get when you mix a mother, her two sons, a bucket of love, a dash of inspiration, and a spritz of Italian charm? A Michelin-star-worthy restaurant with all the flavor and none of the pretentious ego. Trattoria Monti, my friends, is a restaurant that will turn foodie-haters into walkin', talkin', food-picture-snappin' fools, charm the napkin right off of your lap, and make you wish you would have forgone all the other restaurants and eaten here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For … [Read more...]