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Jan 23

Cook What You Love, Love What You Cook

Despite the occasional exception to the recipe rule, Blissful Basil has become a food blog that is incredibly biased toward Italian fare. I can't help it; there is something in my predominantly Irish and Swedish genes that lures me into the tomato-laden, comforting arms of Italian cuisine. I'm a pasta-loving, basil-chopping, tomato-crushing fool who is quite possibly incapable of going carb-free, and I'm cool with that. On that note, here is one more for the Blissful Basil books... Heirloom … [Read more...]

Jan 21

Blueberry-Banana Parfait

Something sweet. Something pretty. Something healthy. These were the characteristics I was searching for in a breakfast this morning after indulging in a decadent comfort meal last night. While this mixture isn't anything extraordinarily groundbreaking or creative, it's certainly worth looking at and savoring. It's also packed full of protein (thank you, Greek yogurt) and, thus, makes for a fabulous muscle-restoring post-workout meal. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Blueberry-Banana … [Read more...]

Jan 08

Out with Resolutions and in with Dessert

Every January, there are resolutions made and resolutions broken.  Last January, I made 5 resolutions. Several that I reached and a few that I broke.  Quite honestly, the ones that didn't crumble into forgotten pieces as 2011 pushed on were the ones that seemed natural from the very start.  On the other hand, the ones I broke were made in an effort to will myself into committing to things that I might otherwise not.  Although the latter idea always conjures up hope for a monumental, … [Read more...]