Feb 16

Must Love Cupcakes

Cupcakes must have been made for those days when you feel as though you’ve been tossed to the whims of woe and jerked back again.  Those days when your alarm fails to ring, you stub your toe stepping out of bed, and your computer crashes just prior to hitting ‘save’ on a 10-page report.  Although these days may initially seem intolerable, I almost always look back on them with a grateful attitude for their ability to restore perspective and promote appreciation.  While nothing went entirely awry today, an abundance of life’s little stressors seemed to pile up which left me feeling a bit frazzled and worn thin.  For a typical just-one-of-those-days scenarios, I’ll rely on writing and a challenging workout to nudge me back in the right direction; however, there are moments (3, to date) when neither the clippity-clap of my keyboard nor an hour’s worth of Chatarungas will soothe my nerves completely.  For those moments, there are cupcakes… and not just any cupcakes; Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes.

I can thank my dearest friend and former roommate, Sally, for my love for, obsession with, and admiration of these deliciously sweet and buttery treats, as she was the one who introduced me to them.  After her amazing discovery, the two of us would often forgo a night on the town to frolic down Webster Ave, pickup the buttercream-laden cupcakes, and catch the latest Lifetime original.  There is something unspeakably cheerful about these pastel cupcakes; something that time-warps me back to the memories of my childhood.  Memories that are garnished with warmth, laughter, and contentment.  You won’t find these cupcakes dressed in salted caramel, doused with the essence of lavender, or filled with a rosewater cream.  However, a classic is irreplaceable and that’s just what these cupcakes are; a superbly done version of a timeless treat.  So, for days of celebration, nights of coziness, or nerves gone a bit haywire, there are Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes.


  1. Celeste Jackson says:

    Ohhhh….I want one now! Mom

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