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Feb 28

Tomato, Onion, and Hearts of Palm Salad with Bleu Cheese

Life is full of favorites, and I have lots of them; my favorite band is Ra Ra Riot, my favorite place is Ireland, my favorite flowers are ranunculus, and my favorite salad is this one.  My mom started making this salad years ago, and I'm pretty sure it was love at first bite.  This salad combines three of my favorite foods: tomatoes, hearts of palm, and bleu cheese.  The flavors are bold, tangy, and super addicting; the presentation is elegant and worthy of a double-take; and the preparation is … [Read more...]

Feb 21

Warm Tuscan Kale and Fingerling Potatoes

If you've found yourself uninspired by your latest sack lunches, this surprisingly filling dish may be the perfect way to jazz up the PB&J routine you are currently nestled into. A few weeks ago, some of my family's closest friends -- so close they are by all definitions of the word "family" -- thoughtfully donated over 100 backdated issues of Vegetarian Times (VT) to me.  Gleeful and slightly overwhelmed, I hauled the 30-lbs-and-about-to-bust bag of vegetarian recipes into our condo and … [Read more...]

Feb 16

Must Love Cupcakes

Cupcakes must have been made for those days when you feel as though you've been tossed to the whims of woe and jerked back again.  Those days when your alarm fails to ring, you stub your toe stepping out of bed, and your computer crashes just prior to hitting 'save' on a 10-page report.  Although these days may initially seem intolerable, I almost always look back on them with a grateful attitude for their ability to restore perspective and promote appreciation.  While nothing went entirely awry … [Read more...]

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