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Jul 10

I Heart Sofia

I know what you're thinking: "Who on earth is Sofia?" Well, let me begin by telling you how and where I met Sofia. After spending all of yesterday uncomfortably hunched over my laptop and furiously finishing a fairly major assignment for grad school, I woke up this morning craving fresh air and warm sunshine. However, I wanted to branch out from my typical walk-the-streets-and-shop routine. So, I decided to hit-up Green City Market (GCM) in Lincoln Park. I have been putting GCM on my must-go … [Read more...]

Jul 09

A Summer Salad That Will Make You Smile

If you’ve enjoyed the heat and extreme humidity in Chicago these past few days, then bless your little heat-loving heart. If you know me, even just a teensy bit, then you know that I turn into an utter “crankster” on days like these and do everything I can fathom to dodge the heat. Weather like this does not call for heavy, heated, richly-delectable meals. Weather like this calls for a revitalizing and refreshingly-crisp salad. I left class yesterday evening dreading my trek to Trader Joe’s. … [Read more...]

Jul 08

What Being a Foodie Means to Me

I don't just love food , I A-D-O-R-E food (and by "food," I'm not talking about dine-and-dash kinds of dishes. I'm talking about flavorful, healthy, let's-sit-around-and-graze-for-hours kind of food). I adore food for many reasons, but the reason that makes it to the tippy-top of my list is that good food, accompanied by great people, makes for incredible memories. As a matter of fact, the vibrant centerpiece in many of my favorite memories is food. Food serves as a medium to create … [Read more...]