Sep 26

Beet and Cumin Fritters from Peace & Parsnips

Well, if these aren't the prettiest fritters I've ever seen. These beet + cumin fritters are the whole package. Beauty, nutrients, and simplicity wrapped up in cute little patties. A drizzle of tangy horseradish + dill yogurt balances and brightens, bringing life to each and every flavor within the savory magenta fritters. This recipe is just one of 200 from the plant-powered cookbook, Peace & Parsnips by Chef Lee Watson. As the subtitle promises, the book overflows with adventurous … [Read more...]

Sep 23

Crispy Coconut Cauliflower with Chile-Mango Sauce

This post is sponsored by Silk. One of my favorite parts about traveling is exploring the range of culinary styles within cities, regions, and countries. In many ways, food transcends the sometimes limiting boundaries of words, creating a common language of connection, and memories formed around the dinner table tend to stick with us better than most. Just a week after I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, Dan and I took a trip to St. Lucia. When a woman at our resort asked if we had … [Read more...]

Sep 21

High Rise Pumpkin Cupcakes from Oh She Glows Every Day & A Giveaway!

One memorable day in 2010, I stumbled upon a blog written by a woman who exuded a courage and passion that was destined to inspire. Her words, brave and heartfelt, landed softly yet left a lasting impression, and I found myself regularly visiting that special space nestled within the plant-loving corner of the internet. It's been six years since my first brush with Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows, and her kindness, wisdom, and kitchen creativity never cease to capture both my heart and … [Read more...]

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